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Sky Dart

  • Brands S.E.A
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Sky Dart is a simple and comfortable wing for the first steps in speed riding.
Suitable for both classic speed riding (start on skis) and speed flying (start on foot).
With a low wing load it is an excellent choice for novice pilots, with an increased wing load, it will please
advanced and experienced riders.
Sky Dart has a easy take-off behaviour - due to fast inflation, predictable rising and excellent
manageability. The wing is easily, safely and intuitively operated at all
stages of take-off - from pilot move beginning to the airborne.
For the manufacture of the wing, only proven and durable materials are used - Dominico fabrics, Liros lines, Mouka webbings.
The lines of the lower cascade are attached to the risers using soft-links - the most reliable, lightweight and time-tested
The complex geometry of the wing was optimized as much as possible - aerodynamic profile, twists, position of the line
attachments points and surface tension differentiated by the wing span.
These solutions allowed us to get a safe wing, stable on all maneuvers.

Technical specifications
AR 3.6
Cells 20
Rider level Pro&Expert&Advanced&Intermediate&Beginner
Root chord, m 1,85&2,13&2,3&2,46&2,6
Lines height, m 107&123&133&142&150
Total flight weight, kg 50 — 100&50 — 110&50 — 120&50 — 130&60 — 140

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