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VOYAGER wing, the wing is designed as a lightweight tandem with an aspect ratio of 6.2.
Voyager is designed for tandem cross-country flights and intended for experienced pilots.
Please pay attention to the fact that Voyager has higher requirements for the pilots level.
The pilot must have experience in piloting EN-C class paragliders.

Technical specifications
Area, sq. m S-38&M-41&L-43
AR 6,2
Span, m 15.25&15.8&16.23
Projected area, sq.m. 32.15&34.72&36.43
Projected a.r. 4.67
Projected span, m 12.25&12.7&13.04
Avg chord, m 2.97&3.09&3.17
Total lines length, m 336&391&430
Trims, mm +70/-20
Speed system travel, mm NO
Weight, kg 7.4*&7.6&8.1*

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