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Mister Twister

  • Brands S.E.A
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The Mister Twister is a power parachute glider which was especially designed to fit the heavy motor-trike with wide hangpoints.
It is intended for beginner and intermediate level pilots.
It has some distinctive features:
 — easy controlled and comfortable takeoff,
 — high aerodynamic performance,
 — intuitive and responsive handling,
 — low fuel consumption for trike,
— excellent flare when landing.

Technical specifications
Area, sq. m 40&47
Span, m 12,65&13.7
Projected area, sq.m. 34.6&40.7
Projected a.r. 3.1
Projected span, m 10.3&11.2
Cells 27
Avg chord, m 3.72&4.03
Lines height, m 6/6/7
Total lines length, m 398&430
Lines scheme 202
Glider weight, kg 9,5&10,5
Total flight weight, kg 190−450&200−550
Homologation PPC Wing

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