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Dream Catcher Sport

  • Brands S.E.A
  • Product Code: 16
  • Availability: 40


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Dream Catcher Sport — kite for expert riders and participation in competitions.

DCS is an excellent combination of speed and handling. Despite big aspect ratio it have

immediately responce to bar movements. Our new high-performance kite have all modern

technologies — rigifoils, trailing edge miniribs, valves in leading edge etc.

Technical specifications
Area, sq. m 11&15&18
Span, m 9&10,6&11,6
Projected area, sq.m. 9,4&12,7&15,3
Projected a.r. 5.8
Cells 55
Flattening, % 0.84
Min chord, m 0,43&0,5&0,55
Root chord, m 1,42&1,7&1,82
Glider weight, kg 1,9*&2,1*&2,3

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