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Dream Catcher

  • Brands S.E.A
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S.E.A. Dream Cather is a multi-purpose valve kite for snowkiting and kite-surfing.
It is an intermediate level kite and intended for beginners and advanced riders.
But at the same time it has enough performance to compete with more serious rivals.
The kite is produced in sizes of 9, 11, 15, 18 square meters.
At the design and testing stages we focused on the comfort of riding and ease of use. And we got high-
performance characteristics like a pleasant bonus — because we like kiting. 
Some design features are:
 — closed by a strong mesh valve on the leading edge,
 — Rigifoils on the leading edge,
 — mini ribs on the trailing edge,
 — water drainage holes,
 — a zipper on the bottom surface for fast packing.
 — adjustable depower system — for quick adjust of the stability or thrust of kite,
 — adjustable length of the brake line — for the different wind strength.
The kite has 45 cells with AR 6.19 on smaller sizes (9 and 11) and 49 cells with AR 6.6 on larger ones.
This technical feature is used to maintain the optimum balance between flight performance and ease of use.
The DC design uses high-quality materials only — NCV fabrics, Liros lines and Mouka webbings.

Technical specifications
Area, sq. m 9&11&15&18
AR 6,19&6,19&6,6&6,6
Span, m 7,7&8,28&9,95&10,9
Cells 45&45&49&49

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