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Speedy Gonzales Tandem

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We offer you a new tandem from S.E.A. Speedy Gonzales.

This simple wing will open for you a new sensation of fast tandem flights in a strong wind.

Excellent handling will allow you to perform the most complex evolution.

With this wing you can feel all the charm of flying at low altitudes.

Technical specifications
Area, sq. m 32
AR 5,1
Span, m 12,8
Projected area, sq.m. 27,1
Projected a.r. 3,84
Projected span, m 10,2
Cells 40
Closed cells 10
Flattening, % 0,84
Tip chord, m 1,1
Root chord, m 2,9
Total lines length, m 260
Lines scheme A/A'/B/C
Trims, mm 120
Speed system travel, mm NO
Glider weight, kg 5,9
Total flight weight, kg 100−180

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